Why Politicians Love Gun Laws

Using politician logic, guns cause murder. To test this hypothesis, I placed my shotgun on the back deck and kept watch. After three days, the shotgun had not moved, and I could not find any dead bodies anywhere near. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps my experiment did not factor in the many laws passed by politicians to prevent murder by gun. Since my shotgun was not a registered weapon, I researched the process in Minnesota to create a law-abiding gun that would be considered an official murderous weapon.

Here’s what I found: 

I did the math and came up with a total of $256.00 so my shotgun would become an official murderous weapon. But then it occurred to me that I was the one going through the bureaucratic process while my shotgun was still on the deck doing God knows what. The process involved people, not guns. The process was designed to control people and not guns.

My next thought process discovered that there are now…at this very moment… 265,728 people who have been successfully processed for a concealed carry permit at a cost of $256.00 each bringing the total collected during the process to over $68,000,000.00…just in Minnesota. This tax scam works in every state, so it’s probably the reason there will be no reciprocity law passed.

Suddenly the politicians began shouting “squirrel”!

Now I’ve hunted and eaten squirrels in my younger days and was not distracted. I stayed focused on my findings that gun laws proposed by politicians are designed to control people with a side benefit of generating millions in new taxes they could spend.

Their shouts of “squirrel”! became louder.

I bought that Winchester Model 101 shotgun for about $150.00 back in the 1960’s. It’s worth more than a thousand dollars today so I brought it in from the deck in case politicians figured that they could tax the gain on its value.

Maybe we should move election day to the end of April just after we’ve paid our taxes.

Couldn’t hurt.