Democrats Need To Dig Deeper

I laughed when I found this and figured it was too gross to use…then thought:

That’s an elephant.

What if a moderate (not extreme) conservative politician…disgusted with the rhetoric of both  parties…ran as a Democrat?

The current political rhetoric reminds me of that Russian face slapping contest.

Joe Lieberman comes to mind as a Democrat who ran on Republican ideas but was shunned by both parties but not his constituents.  The Republicans shunned him because he was a Democrat. The Democrats shunned him because he wouldn’t support extreme party ideas. Both parties used the Lame Stream Media to attack him. The Lame Stream Media used the attacks as click bait to generate ratings instead of providing in depth analysis of his ideas.

Where are the good old days when Tip O’Neill formed a close friendship with Ronald Reagan as they compromised and actually accomplished good legislation that was pro American rather than pro party?

Schumer and Pelosi attack Trump for ideas that they supported just a few years ago. The Lame Stream Media reports the face slapping contest instead of the fact that both face slappers agreed…just at different times in the  farce we call politics and journalism. Both pretend to protect us. Both have extraordinary power given them by our Constitution.

We can punish the politician with votes when they get too extreme in their quest for power and money.

That’s how Trump got elected.

We can cancel subscriptions to the Lame Stream Media when they are committing the same offense.

That’s how Dan Rather got fired and CNN lost the ratings race to reruns of children’s programming.

We can bypass the “journalists” by using the internet. is the world’s greatest aggregate of news with enough real news to keep you informed.

If you appreciate these comments…pass it on. If not, CNN is your alternative.

In the meantime, let’s hope the political parties keep digging…at least past this bunch…



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