Politicians and Reality

Reality is being comfortable with a daily routine that keeps you happy and productive. The largest part of your life is family and work…or school to get smart enough to work. You smile and wave at neighbors. You provide a satisfying one finger salute to the idiot that cuts you off in traffic. You can buy something you want and still pay for everything you need. The dog wags his tail when he sees you and the cat is asleep on your lap as you boot up your computer…

…and discover a whole different world according to politicians who use journalism as a bullhorn to scream the perils of impending doom…because they are not in a position of power or are about to lose their position of power. Their tenuous grasp on that power is a life-threatening situation that can be mitigated only by donations to their campaigns; donations they share with the journalists that charge them to continue screaming in that bullhorn about the doom and gloom just ahead of you.

I did not know that President Trump is responsible for hurricanes.
The Democrats want my money to impeach him.

I did not know that the Democrats have been paying Russian spies to destroy our way of life.
The Republicans want my money to build a wall around California.

I did not know that the Supreme Court is about to kill all child bearing women. The Democrats want my money to prevent new members from being appointed to the court.

As vast…and half-vast as these problems seem to be, I can’t really justify selling everything I own to meet the enormous amount of money needed according to all of the politicians. However, I have come up with a plan that I will make available to both Democrats and Republicans and figure the smartest political party will immediately benefit from this plan and obtain the funding they need to ameliorate these numerous horrific problems that can only be solved with huge amounts of money.

Here’s the plan:

There’s this Nigerian prince I heard about on the internet…