Thoughts While Thinking 7.24.2019

Is AOC in favor of Sharia Law?

I think AOC is attempting a bit of reverse psychology?

Sharia law would make her shut up…sit down and lose any rights.

We wouldn’t even have to look at her anymore!

Now you know why Sharia law was invented!

7.18.2019: a priest in Congress prayed “to cast out all spirits of Darkness” on the House Floor.

 Didn’t work. They’re still there.

I don’t think I would hesitate going home alone at 2am even if these four were still at the bar!

Crude? Yes.

True? Also yes.

I think we should start showing up at incumbent politician town halls with rolls of toilet paper?

Reminder: this is the “fashion editor” who described our First Lady as a fashion disaster. The Lame Stream Media ran the story without this picture.

Major religious group meets and confirms multiple wives OK


Other major religious group meets and says no wives allowed.

Mandates celibacy for priests and then are shocked at the epidemic of pedophilia.

Pope Francis is donating $500K to Central American migrants in Mexico trying to enter the US illegally.

I don’t think he wants to hear what I think about that.

My favorite prayer:

“Lord, please protect me from your followers.”

Tried watching the Democrats debate.

Gave up when one of them wanted to mandate abortions for men.

They even managed to confuse people using two languages…three if you count gibberish. The Democrats rant and rave about Trump radically changing the political arena and then offer their own radical ideas.

I think my wood working hobby has resulted in a side business.

Finding a use for the sawdust helps mitigate climate change/cooling/warming/whatever?


I’ve been watching the Mueller “testimony”.

Thinking about what the Democrats are trying to do.

I think I hurt myself.


fns  7.24.2019