Who Ordered Chicken Kiev?


The Lame Stream Media has visions of war correspondents winning numerous awards for their coverage of the Ukraine War…

… the war’s devastation is shown all over the news…OH WAIT!

That’s downtown Minneapolis after a peaceful protest by Black Lives Matter.

Back to Ukraine…

Russia seized territory from Ukraine in 2014, starting with the Crimean Peninsula. Now Putin is gaining the Russian speaking territories adjacent to Russia’s border (Russian parliament and the Kremlin are going to recognize Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states). Putin has also destroyed the dozen        bio-weapon labs on Russia’s border sponsored in Ukraine by the US State Department.

President Zelensky is featured on the news as a defiant protector of Ukraine.

Remember when Alexander Vindman, a Ukrainian immigrant dressed up in his US Army uniform, best known for his award-winning role as the star witness in the first Trump impeachment trial, told BBC News that Ukrainian President Zelensky has been like “a man of steel” by avoiding giving Russia any pretext to attack his country?

Zelensky didn’t offer to help expose the obvious corruption with Biden and Hunter, he also went after President Trump during that impeachment fiasco. The actual transcripts of the Trump/Zelensky conversations totally discredited Vindman and the Democrats…but were ignored by the Lame Stream Media.

Zelensky could end the war immediately if he told Hunter Biden that the Russian tanks are smuggling crack cocaine into Ukraine. Hunter would capture every one of them single handed.

Remember when we went four years without a war but had to endure mean tweets?

Looks like we’re going to pay higher gas prices because President Zelensky employed Biden’s crack smoking son.

Hope I’ve piqued your interest in the Ukraine story. If you search the internet for further information about Ukraine, please note that Google says Ivermectin doesn’t work and men can get pregnant…just saying.

Maybe we should require anyone that wants to post opinion on Ukraine…to be required to find it on a map? They could borrow Sean Penn’s map as Hollyweird gears up to tell us “the truth”. He’s in Ukraine complete with Rambo costume for the cameras.

Oh, and don’t forget John Kerry’s fears that the Russia-Ukraine war will distract from the fight for climate “something”.

Meanwhile, the CDC Announces New Guidelines For Masks And Eases Restrictions In Accordance With Democratic Polling…and the Judge Sentencing The Guy Who Stole Pelosi’s Lectern Compares January 6th To the War In Ukraine.

Just a reminder of how we got to where we are.

BTW: that chicken Kiev recipe calls for herbs inside…with Hunter Biden involved…no telling what kind of herbs.

fns  2.26.2022