Quit Your Bitching


Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, the first ten are known as the Bill of Rights. The first amendment currently under scrutiny considers the subject of freedom of speech (which is second to the first protection mentioned: freedom of religion). Social media, e.g. Farcebook, (sic) Twitter and others, have been co-opted by socialists and being used to eliminate conservatives from expressing their ideas contrary to those of the socialists.

The conundrum: they are private companies and can do that if the management of those companies are socialists themselves.

Here’s where it will come back to bite them: they are for-profit companies and sell the personal information of their subscribers; both socialists and conservatives.

If the conservatives believe in capitalism, they can’t complain about this fact. They can only question their own stupidity for subscribing to those private companies that sell their personal information while denying them an equal voice on the platform.

The bite begins with the establishment of new platforms with true freedom of speech to compete with Farcebook et al without the loss of personal information.

If you’re a conservative and believe in capitalism, what the hell are you doing on the platforms controlled by socialists? TRY Parler, Gab or Telegram

Meanwhile, the socialists are beginning the move on cable with a ban on Fox, Newsmax and others. See a pattern here?

Use the power of your dollars. Stop playing their game.    Grab your bat and ball and stay out of their playground.

What about Amazon?

I’m going to lay out some facts about the Amazon empire and let you make your own decisions about further use of his services.

At the end of a remodel of my home office, I needed an HDMI cable for one of my monitors. Best Buy wanted $20 and I would have to get through the mask guard at their front door to get it after driving a couple of miles. With Amazon Prime, I found the same cable for $8.83 and it was delivered with free shipping to my front door the next day.

How can Jeff do that and make money?

The answer is…he can’t. Except…he is using the retail business to establish mass support from that retail operation as a firewall against any government action that would threaten his growing empire. It’s a loss leader focused on customer support and he makes some profit from the big ticket items.

Given the depth of  Amazon’s customer service, (follow up and tracking and even a picture of the package at my front door in an email to tell me it has been delivered) is it any wonder the government is now buying that expertise and renting portions of the Amazon tech farms around the country?

If you dig deeper, you’ll find the majority of Amazon’s income comes from the server farms and not from the   retail operation. Bezos has a net worth of over $200 BILLION (including $60 Billion his ex-wife got).

Jeff is literally changing the face of retail as other retail operations are getting on the internet storefronts to complement their brick and mortar operations. Manufacturers are getting smart bypassing retail and offering direct selling to their customers as end users rather than distributors.

If you don’t like socialists telling you how to spend your money…why would you want to tell Jeff how to spend his?  I’ll enjoy his capitalist side but ignore the Washington Post.  Jeff is also building huge warehouses/traffic centers in my area boosting local employment and tax revenue.

There you have it: so keep that knife away from your nose.

Ironically, socialists are pushing the $15 minimum wage and Amazon employees are starting to unionize.

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