Can I Buy Toilet Paper If I’m Naked?

OK…my headline is typical click bait.

I hope you’ll bear with me while I think out loud.

Ernie Chambers is a famous Nebraska State Senator.  I urge you to do a non-Google* internet search to learn about him. He has shown a huge spotlight on hypocrisy for decades. (*Google has begun a shadow banning campaign.)

Ernie was frequently found in the Student Center at Creighton University (Omaha, NE) back in the 1960’s when he was earning his law degree. I was fortunate enough to frequently visit with him and learn the subtle and effective ways to express your opinion while deflecting the opposition…not to defeat but to come to a mutually agreed conclusion.

It’s basic philosophy involving the triad of thesis…antithesis…synthesis.                          The thesis is your opinion. The antithesis is the opposition. The synthesis is an agreement between the two both can accept.

For example: if your thesis is that everything is black. The antithesis is that everything is white. The synthesis is an agreement that grey exists. Yeah…you can apply that to the race debate.

BTW: until the Klingons land, there is only one race…human. The argument (and hostility) is basically about ethnicity. If there are African Americans…what do you call a black man born in Sweden who becomes an American citizen?

Using that same logic that equates the color of skin to a geographic locale, our new citizen becomes a Swedish African American? Can a white man born in Africa become an African American? BTW: I’m not white. I’m pink. So are most so called white people.

Now back to the ability to buy toilet paper when I’m naked.

You may have seen the following argument:

Wearing a face mask poses mental and/or physical risk to me. The Americans with Disability Act mandates that I am not required to disclose any medical condition. (Department of Justice phone number if you have questions: 800-514-0301)

Now, let’s try this:

Wearing clothes poses mental and/or physical risk to me. The Americans with Disability Act mandates that I am not required to disclose any medical condition. (Department of Justice phone number if you have questions: 800-514-0301)

Of course, the barrier to our synthesis is a government mandate called Americans with Disability Act. I have no problem with it, but it makes it difficult to arrive at the synthesis if common sense precludes the pertinent fact of…for example…severe asthma preventing the use of a face mask.

There is another barrier to common sense when the face mask mandate is not a medical mandate but a political one. Our “leaders” have found unbridled control over their minions by citing the medical opinions they favor to maintain their newly discovered power. They issue executive orders that bypass the triad of philosophical debate politicians we elect should use to make laws not orders.

Politicians live in fear of one thing…not their constituents…but bad press.

The press bias is evident when you remember their mantra is “If it bleeds it leads”…unless it shows the Antifa or BLM crowd shedding that blood. Freedom of the press belongs only to those who own one. That has become a problem for the Lame Stream Media (and politicians they protect). The LSM have found that the internet has generated a new “press” for anyone with a computer and even a basic understanding of how the English language can be used to counter the lame stream media’s bias.

The Associated Press is now capitalizing the word Black but not the word white. Obfuscation is not a new tactic of the left leaners…witness this chart:* (*Shadow banned by Google) does a great job exposing LSM bias by simply linking to the stories not intended for mass consumption. For example, what Biden is telling the disparate groups that he visits during sojourns out of his basement…often at odds depending on the group. He supports police unions but offers “relocation of police funds” when meeting with friendly BLM groups.

If you need another nudge to search info* on Senator Chambers…he once sued God at the Nebraska Senate and his colleagues were flustered. They not only couldn’t stop him but it was that spotlight he was using to shine brightly on a bill they were trying to pass that was equally as outrageous.

(*Any search but Google…recommend DuckDuckGo).

Please remember what I was taught by Ernie Chambers.

The Lame Stream Media and all websites are after your eyeballs.


Please start using your brain, not your emotions.

And for America’s sake…VOTE!

Government should be afraid of us…not the other way around.


fns 7.24.2020