Farcebook was created by a group of friends in college to get revenge on the smart women who would not sleep with them. When the algorithms they developed started to generate money rather than sex, one of the friends figured out a way to grab control of the intellectual rights and cut his friends out of the business created from their original idea.

Does the term “unfriend” ring a bell?

Now, people want me to register and create a Farcebook page. They claim I can limit the information to just them. To do so, I would have to provide Facebook with information beginning with my private email address. My kids and a select few people already have my email address…and my address…and my telephone number.

Using their logic for the Farcebook (sic) account, I should then provide my telephone number to the largest telemarketing firms and my address to the largest direct mail companies.

My wife had a registered Farcebook account. I had also registered her computer for protection by Internet Security software. It was a constant battle between the two to keep her computer running. I had to use a full system scan and a  Power Eraser program to find and identify two major viruses and three hacks into the registry on her computer that were traced back to…guess where.

Now, before anybody claims I have not kept up with the times, may I remind them my first computer was purchased and mastered back in 1975…when some of my “tech savvy” kids were still pooping and throwing up on me. I have also been hired as a business consultant by leading edge high tech startups…one of them was acquired by a major IT company for several millions of dollars. By leading edge I mean temporally accessed spectral multiplexing…give me an hour and a glass of wine I will explain how this technology is about ten years down the road and will make most of your current gadgets obsolete.

If you’ve read this far, I want to thank you since the “modern” culture of Twitter limits conversations to 140 characters. Personally, I think some of those conversations should be limited to their IQ.

You also have to wonder where technology is going when the software on a computer costs more than the computer. It’s cheaper to buy a new computer than buy the new software for your old computer.

Windows 10…don’t you wonder what happened to Windows 9? Microsoft is giving it away about the same time they are backing away from smart phones. Maybe they figured out how many dumb people have them.

And don’t get me started on texting.

Figure this out: I should text someone instead of calling them.

Here’s a text for you:

Call me when you have a few minutes so I don’t ruin my thumbs
and create a premature case of arthritis.

My kids know I have a hearing problem thanks to Vietnam. The VA has provided hearing aids that use some of the new technology that enables me to use my cellphone. My kids send me an email to give me time to hook up the gadget to the cell phone.

Don’t get me wrong. I love new technology and even more as it destroys the monopoly the main stream media (MSM) has had for far too long. They used to dump stories at odds with their ideology on Friday so it would get lost over the weekend. Most people interested in what’s going on in the world use the weekend and the internet to catch up on “news” and have even invented a new Tweet to express their outrage at some of the news the MSM tries to hide:


If you Google me…will I giggle?

If you do sign up for Google or Facebook…try using a fictitious middle initial (like X) and see how much spam uses that same initial when contacting you.

Internet tips:

DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy and avoiding the filter bubble* of personalized search results. DuckDuckGo distinguishes itself from other search engines by not profiling its users and by deliberately showing all users the same search results for a given search term, and emphasizes returning the best results, rather than the most results, generating those results from over 400 individual sources, including crowdsourced sites such as Wikipedia, and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex.
*look this term up on the internet; it will tell you why you should NEVER use Google.

Whatfinger News was founded by military people and 100% unapologetic for being patriotic. That doesn’t mean they don’t show opposing views, sites and papers. They label them on the homepage in sections as right wing or left wing, unlike other sites that might trick you into clicking into sites that you would never want to visit.This news site is like The Drudge Report on steroids. The big difference is the huge amount of information available and updated more often than Drudge.

cCleaner (piriform.com) is a free PC diagnostic tool I have been using for years and recommend highly. They have a professional grade version that is worth the money after you are familiar with the free version. The program flushes out junk while fixing errors in your registry. You don’t have to understand what it does…but you’ll be happy that it does do it. First time you clean your registry with cCleaner, you’ll be amazed at the number if errors and missing links you’ll find.

Final tip: turn it off then on…and make sure it’s plugged in.