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Sharon (Karen?) Friar, CEO of, has stepped over the woke line. Besides the hurtful “disabled” label she has pinned on me, a disabled Vietnam veteran, she has accused me of discriminating against my neighbors. Since I have equal disdain for idiocy on both sides of the woke spectrum, I am contemplating legal rather than suicidal action against her egregious and knee jerk reaction to my innocent dialogue with my neighbors on the website.

My initial post was a simple query about why politicians like Governor Timmy of MN always had a sign language person front and center. I guessed that it was for the deaf reporters since the FCC mandates closed caption be available for the deaf and hard of hearing obviating the need if no deaf reporters were present.

Now I admit I laughed out loud at some of the hilarious responses my innocent query elicited from my not so woke neighbors to the detriment of any logical explanation any politician would have for this obvious political theater. I’m also curious as to why my post created so many responses that it was tagged as a top post (whatever that designation means).

When I tried to log back on to after the three day disablement(?), I was confronted with a box to check signifying that I would adhere to the  guidelines.

Apparently, Ben wasn’t having anything to do with the verbiage contained in the guidelines and I trust him more than the guidelines. I am now sure I won’t have to publish the following self-flagellation for the benefit of the aggrieved staff:

“The three day ban has made me realize the enormity of my actions which led to momentary suicidal thoughts but now agree with that the ban is probably sufficient. I am taking the more extreme action of cancelling my “account” with to atone for my sin(s). My neighbors on  can be assured that I am now “woke” and will cower in my safe space in order to never never never commit such an egregious act as questioning the political theatre of a Democrat politician and the always present, virtue signaling, gyrating sign language lady”.

Given the location of the main office in Nancy Pelosi’s district, I should have realized the unspoken rules. I will follow Nancy’s leadership and symbolically tear up the latest invoice from my internet service provider.

BTW: Spend some time researching the various layers of the staff. Not surprising that their collective backgrounds would result in a business plan hell bent on gaining power rather than customers. How they explain that alienating and losing customers is valuable to the companies buying ad space on is a mystery.

There is the obvious modus operandi…spread hate and pit groups against each other and position yourself as the protector of the groups. I guess that beats hell out of creating a valuable business.


fns 2.28.2021