Who You Gonna Believe?

This is an incompetent bartender from the Bronx:


She says climate cooling/warming/change is going to kill us so we need to plug cow butts.

This is the inventor of the internet who disagrees with the incompetent bartender:

Many of the world’s leaders have been listening to these people and have issued warnings…

This is the #1 best seller in mathematical physics by Dr. Rex Fleming:

Disclaimer: I may be biased.

Rex and I were classmates at Cathedral High School in Omaha, Nebraska.

We were taught by experts how to think rationally and to base our conclusions on facts.

(typical expert teacher at Cathedral High School)

Since graduation in 1958,

Rex has been busy.

Here’s his brief bio:

Dr. Rex J. Fleming is a mathematician with a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from the U. of Michigan. He has over 50 years of experience as a scientist and manager in weather and climate research. He has published peer reviewed scientific papers from 1971 to 2018. He has represented the Unites States of America at several international science meetings, including as the Chief Delegate at the First United States Ocean Climate Delegation to the People’s Republic of China in 1982. He was awarded the Department of Commerce Gold Medal Award (1980) for outstanding achievement in directing the U.S. role in the Global Weather Experiment (FGGE). He was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (1982) for contributions to atmospheric science. From his retired position as a consultant in the aerospace business he has used his own funds to carry out research on climate issues.

That’s a very impressive bio. However, before you figure Rex is going to be waaaay over your head, scroll back to that picture of the expert teacher from Omaha. That ruler made sure we also learned how to use the English language. The result is a book on climate change that provides easy to understand answers to the hysteria of climate change.

His book was written for the non-scientist and includes five Appendices to help guide the reader through the scientific disciplines used to provide fact rather than political ideology including:

An entire chapter devoted to the benefits of CO2 for humans and animals

 How fossil fuels provide the cheapest form of energy and that the world has a 500 year supply

 Why climate change can never be predicted in perfect detail because it is complex and chaotic in nature

 Why combining fossil fuels with renewable forms of energy needs to be re-evaluated for different tasks including a fresh look at total system costs needed to reduce costs for users

 The elements of Earth’s natural irrigation system are highlighted – along with one element where a remaining role for humankind must be vastly improved for the coming climate cooling

 The final Chapter discusses a range of concerns for energy, food, water and social issues

That climate cooling prediction…with a 500 year supply of fossil fuel, it will always be 72 degrees inside…even here in Minnesota.

You’ll find his book at Amazon by searching Rex Fleming.

Your purchase will continue Rex’s work as he uses his own funds to carry out research on climate issues.

His website is www.rexfleming.com

In the meantime…






I don’t think the incompetent bartender has read the book…

She might have heard about all the other “scientists”?

Rex funds his own research with fact finding based on science and not popular opinion.

So…who you gonna believe?

Check out Dr. Rex Fleming at Amazon for the #1 best seller in mathematical physics and what’s really happening with climate change….

…or explain to this lady why you believe this:

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