We Should Have Listened to Shakespeare?

John Hopkins University released an interesting study last week that totally destroys the beer flu conspiracy. Of course, the study has been censored heavily by lame stream and social media.

Here’s the heart of the study in one graph:

“The total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19. This suggests that the COVID-19 death toll is misleading” the report concluded.

Now we know why CDC quit reporting seasonal flu deaths. They needed those numbers to inflate the COVID stats. This scam was created to  justify the mail in ballots (not absentee) that were used to create the election fraud now coming apart

Democrat mayors and governors piggybacked draconian lockdowns and edicts to further push the “need” for mail in ballots and to bolster their fragile egos while destroying their constituent’s businesses.

Further perusal of the numbers from just the last few years follows:


  • Deaths: 2,712,630
  • Population: 321,418,820


  • Deaths: 2,744,248
  • Population: 323,071,342


  • Deaths: 2,813,503
  • Population: 325,147,121


  • Deaths: 2,839,205
  • Population: 327,167,439


  • Deaths: 2,855,000
  • Population: 329,110,439


As of September 24th there are 2,033,736 total deaths in the US. That is a daily average of 7,588 deaths X 365 days= 2,769,620 is the total deaths we could expect in 2020.

How can we have less deaths in the US if there is a pandemic going on? For the last 100 years there has  never been a decrease in total deaths per year.

Note: Federal govt pays $13,000 per diagnosed COVID patient and $39,000 if the patient was placed on a ventilator. That’s $52,000 and a ventilator costs $50,000.  Add to that hospital charges, daily charges for multiple use of ventilator they now own and the 20% bonus paid to hospitals for a COVID patient.

2nd greatest crime in the history of our nation?

OK…that’s my take on the beer flu situation.

Now, on to the so-called 2020 “election”: the greatest crime in the history of our nation.                                        The beer flu scam was just the setup for what followed.

These six states called a simultaneous stop on counting ballots. The Democrats had figured on a little tweak here and another there would get Biden elected with little notice of how they did it. They didn’t figure on the landslide Trump created and had to literally stop their tweaking and scrambled for a week to load more votes for Biden into the system to offset the Trump landslide. Ballots pulled from the trunk of a car would not be enough. They literally needed semitruck loads.

Common sense fled the scene and we are now left with lawyers protecting us from other lawyers. Some of those lawyers have risen to the legal rank of judge in another hierarchy developed by lawyers that extends all the way to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile the Lame Stream Media has donned the cloak of pseudo authority and assure us they can explain that Biden is our new leader without explaining why. They simply refer back to the Democratic judges that provide that opinion rather than facts based on legal precedence from laws they have already interpreted.

Now AG Barr’s DoJ and the FBI have concluded there is no evidence of  election fraud in spite of hundreds of affidavits and hands on proof of the Dominion election machine  manipulations. Witnesses that contacted the FBI (some attacked and hospitalized) never heard back.

I wonder what would happen if Sydney Powell and General Flynn replaced the DoJ and FBI top echelon?

The Democrats are not done. The Georgia senate race will determine control of the Senate.  The Dominion voting machines are still in play there…and recent internet speculation is that China owns 75% of that company.

It all makes you nostalgic for the hanging chads in four counties in the 2000 Florida fubar that took 37 days for SCOTUS to figure it out.

So here’s where I see us:

Politicians take control of an assumed pandemic and prevent herd immunity in order to promote vaccines and therapeutics owned by medical people who sell their products to government agencies controlled by the politicians.

The medical entrepreneurs insist that only politicians are wise enough to protect the nation and prove their conclusion by donating money to the politicians. Realizing that these medical entrepreneurs have achieved academic degrees well beyond the politicians mental capacity, the politicians egos echo Fredo’s assertion that “I’m smart and I want respect!”

Meanwhile, other politicians who have failed to get elected  create a herd mentality focused on destroying the credibility of the elected politicians. The failed  politicians create a mantra designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator in the herd. The mantra is simply: “orange man bad”.

Mustering every resource at their disposal, including the Lame Stream Media and social media censorship to block dissenting opinion, the mantra reached a crescendo just prior to the 2020 election.

Smug in their assumed success, they were shocked by the election results that showed maybe the orange man was not seen as bad by even the lowest common denominator in the herd.

As a last ditch effort, they constructed a not so smart ballot count fraud.

Now we wait to find out which group of lawyers will tell the herd who won the election.

My thanks to Whatfinger news for the various links where I found the preceding information.

They also provide a caveat to any of the news:

We just may really need Shakespeare right now.

For those unfortunate students subjected to current academia:

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” is a line from William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2 and is one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines.

I  hope I won’t have to explain who Shakespeare was.