What Now NOW?

The National Organization For Women (NOW) claims to be “devoted to achieving full equality for women through education and litigation”. They further claim focus on:

…a broad (sic…pun?) range of women’s rights issues, including economic justice, pay equity, racial discrimination, women’s health and body image, women with disabilities, reproductive rights and justice, family law, marriage and family formation rights of same-sex couples, representation of women in the media, and global feminist issues.

Women’s rights? You telling me women have rights that men do not have? Are you referring to the right to be believed just because you accuse…without proof? No wonder VP Pence won’t meet with you without his wife present.

OK…you’re for economic justice and pay equity For Women. If companies really can get away with paying women less than men for the same job…why would a company hire any men?

Another focus you claim is racial discrimination. Please see my article (Frogs, Racism and the N Word) and identify the race to which you refer. I believe there’s the human race but can’t recall any others. Perhaps you’re confusing ethnicity with race? If you believe that skin color is a “group” you want to protect, doesn’t that just reinforce the concept that we are different because of skin color? Wouldn’t that be considered racist by your definition?

And since you’re a “national” organization…ever consider protecting other nation’s women…say like Iran or Iraq? Maybe you could lobby for affordable burqas? Free driver education courses?

Women’s health and body image is another of your “focus” targets…brings to mind the news story about the woman who poured bleach on men who were “manspreading”…sitting there minding their own business but had the audacity to not have their knees tightly together. In the name of justice and equality, would you mind if a man poured bleach on a woman whose cleavage was exposed down to her navel? They’d run out of bleach in Hollyweird.

About those women with disabilities…your very existence is based on the belief that every woman is disabled in every facet of life as you see it. You obviously have never met my wife nor my three daughters.

Next, we look at reproductive rights and justice, family law…I have no opinion on abortion since I cannot identify strongly enough as a woman to have need of one. Your position is that it’s the woman’s body and she should have total and complete control over it if she wants an abortion…without the consent nor approval of the other half of the event that requires the abortion. OK…say I give you that. Here’s what I would expect in return:

If a woman decides NOT to have an abortion and keeps the baby…why would you require the other half of that event to pay for her unilateral decision for the next 21 years in child support payments?

Family formation rights of same-sex couples…what about triples…or quadruples? Transgenders? What if a same sex couple decides one of them will change their sex? Will that require reaffirmation of the rights? Aren’t you really looking for acceptance? Shouldn’t that come from the family unit that created you in the first place? Why ask me? I’m a member of the majority that believes in a traditional family whether sanctioned with a license or not…that license is just another form of taxation some politician (or clergy) came up with to collect money. I’ve seen your signs and advise you to think harder if your beliefs fit on a sign…mine are more nuanced and based on logic and fact…not emotion.

Representation of women in the media…you’re really confusing me…(I almost said “now” but that would be redundant). In a nutshell…I’ll go with this one but you have to give me an Ann Coulter for every April Ryan. I’ll even throw in Jim Acosta. Personally, I think women are detail oriented and much better journalists because men tend to go for the “big picture”. That’s my opinion…if you don’t agree…I don’t care. It’s an opinion formed after working with both for over 50 years in the business world.

Women are the very definition of nuance. Men are either horny or hungry. If they don’t have an erection, give them a sandwich and you’ll shut them up.

I’m old…I can get away with expressing my opinion.
Now…double entendre intended…tell those women to get off my lawn!

If that bothers you…try this :
If liberals oppose gender identification, why do they have marches for women?
Where do they get those professionally printed signs for “spontaneous” demonstrations?

        Don’t look now but I think some guy designed your logo.