Congress Critter Accountability Act

As of 2010, there have been 165 laws enacted by congress that have been declared             unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The amount of time and money spent in litigation must be considered to avoid this in the future. For that reason, I am proposing the CCAA as both remuneration of those costs and a warning to Congress Critters that frivolous, petty and ideological laws they pass will have consequences.

Here’s how it works:

If the law is declared unconstitutional, those Congress Critters who voted for the passage of the law shall be made responsible for the payment for the time and legal fees involved with the litigation. The sponsors of the unconstitutional law shall be held responsible at twice the fine. The payments are to be by the Critter and not their political party coffers.

Further, the names of the law schools involved in educating the Congress Critters who sponsored or voted for the rejected laws shall be named along with the fines. Should those law schools reach 50% of alumni of the failed laws, accreditation of the law schools shall be revoked for a period consistent with the term of office of any of their alumni.

Further, lobbyists for those entities that have benefitted from the unconstitutional law shall be barred from contacting any Congress Critter for the term of office of the Congress Critter. The IRS shall conduct a forensic review of the lobbyist’s expense reports.

Further, “journalists” who supported the unconstitutional law in both “news” and editorials shall be fined $1,000.00 for every adjective they have used in the articles. They will also be placed n a safe zone outside a fifty-mile radius of Congress or contact with the Critters. The names of any University associated with the journalist’s matriculation will also be identified.

Further, should the offending Congress Critters be unable or refuse to pay the fines, their pensions and current salaries shall be assigned to the fine. Congressional benefits will also be withheld with the exception of medical insurance with premiums paid personally by them in the same manner as their constituents.

Further, should the journalist be unable or refuse to pay the fines, his employer shall make available, at no cost, advertising space for those Congress Critters who voted against the unconstitutional law based on current ad rate cards and ad placement criteria based on those ad rates. Production costs of the ads shall be at the employer’s expense as well.

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