The 16th and 17th amendments were adopted in 1913 and sure as hell did not produce the desired result.

The 16th amendment opened the door for the IRS and a tax code that has grown from the original 400 page legal information service to a 73,954 page, 25-volume federal tax law.

Instead of funding the government, it has become a guessing game as follows:

Gov’t:   You owe us money.  It’s called taxes.

Me:        How much do I owe?

Gov’t:   You have to figure that out.

Me:        I just pay what I want to pay?

Gov’t:    No, we know exactly how much you owe. But you have to guess that number.

Me:        What if I guess wrong?

Gov’t:    You go to jail.

There is still some controversy as to whether the 16th amendment was actually ratified by the requisite number of states. It’s the basis for much of the tax rebellion at the heart of many militia organizations.

There were some bitter political battles during the 16th amendment debate which led to the 17th amendment…popular election of senators rather than by state legislators as our founding fathers established.

The political party that could not ignore the constitution decided to change it…you can guess which party. We now have 100 senators who spend more time in their six years in office raising money for their election campaigns than oversight of the 435 House representatives who grandstand in front of cameras to get face time (and donations to their election campaigns) every two years.

Instead of monitoring and controlling the chaos at the House level, the Senate was thrown into the middle of the chaos in direct competition with the Representatives for votes and money.

It’s a fair conclusion that the 18th amendment (prohibition) came about just four years later due to the use of alcohol to mitigate the chaos. It’s a good thing they used alcohol and not the second amendment.

Here’s just one example why the tax laws have become so complicated:

In April 1987, the IRS required children claimed for tax deductions with only names must now also provide social security numbers for each child. CNN would have reported seven million children kidnapped & missing on April 15th rather than the 404 resulting from this new tax law.

We are now in a situation where taxes are a fine for doing well. That 1913 political party has further bastardized the tax laws to favor their voting blocks while using the money they collect from the other voting block to fund programs designed to give money to their voters.

The IRS will reject your tax return if you incorrectly claim the number of your dependents…

29.5 million illegal immigrants
1.1 million crackheads
3.4 million unemployable deadbeats
80,000 criminals in prisons
535 idiots in Washington

…if they do…ask them who you missed?

Another 404 from that 1913 political party was the establishment of the Federal Reserve…massive power over the monetary system with minimum oversight. Ever wonder why the political parties fight so hard over appointments to the Federal Reserve Board?

Maybe because we’re over $22 TRILLION in debt and can’t find out where that money went?

The 25 volume tax code is now ten times larger than the bible. If every tax payer demanded a paper copy of the tax code, there wouldn’t be a tree left on the planet. The IRS must have anticipated this since they charge you for copies of the tax code. Sneaky devils they be!

Here’s how really sneaky that 1913 political party is…ever wonder why election day is in November…as far away from April 15 as possible?

Let’s change election day to the week after Tax Day.

Only people who pay taxes are allowed to vote.

Picture ID and a copy of your 1040 mandatory.

That should prevent this next iteration of the tax code favored by that 1913 political party:


Let’s do an HTTP301 on these idiots!