How To Protect Your Keyboard From Democrats

It’s been a while since I posted an article. I have been reluctant to touch my keyboard as I respond to some of the more outrageous declarations from the growing ranks of Democratic presidential contenders. Depending upon the time of day, I was afraid of spewing coffee or wine. There’s also the concurrent danger of stomach cramps from laughing too hard.

With some trepidation, I’m back at my custom keyboard and have removed the caps lock key to refrain from screaming.

First up…that twit on twitter from the Bronx leading the charge against the electoral college. Did she really want to make it tuition free?

For you parents looking at the cost of college degrees for your kids, remember she has one too (although I think her college wants it returned).

Forgive the lack of attribution…here are a few charts I found on the internet that will put the question of the need for the electoral college in perspective:

Here’s what that summary would look like on a map:

Unfortunately, I live in one of those tiny blue spots in Minnesota where the voters have elected an attorney general who adheres to the Koran given his penchant for beating women. The following map will provide some clue why a coven of Democrats will always push for abolishing the electoral college.

Meanwhile, back to Boss Twit who told Pelosi to get out of the way…and let the New Green Deal emerge to the tune of $93 TRILLION (apologize for the caps).

Let’s shed some light on that amount of money. Imagine stacks of hundred dollar bills on pallets. You can see how large that is with the guy standing at the left lower corner…showing one BILLION.

Now imagine just one trillion in hundred dollar bills on pallets…with that same guy at the same corner. If you look close, he’s that tiny dot. And that’s just ONE TRILLION.

Now let’s get really scary…with some basic math. There are 300 million people in the U.S.

Divide that number into $93 Trillion and that’s how much YOU would pay for the New Green Deal. Let me know how much that is…I broke my calculator.

The Democrats have always relied on controlling the Lame Stream Media in order to convince voters to support them:

What is really frustrating the Democrats is the way Trump is using their own “logic” against them.

We’re losing the battle in the Lame Stream Media as FOX has defected to the dark side so stay tuned to whatfingernews for the latest in the political circus…

…and maybe we should contact the Trojan people and see if they have a product to protect our keyboards.

I have a feeling it’s going to get even more hilarious once the Democratic caucus season begins.