Who is this guy?
Your Market (a noun) is simply a list of exactly WHO would care about your product or service. This is a list of people… not companies. That list of specific people can be identified by your marketing department as follows:

          Suspect: someone you think should be interested.

          Prospect: someone who has indicated some interest in your product or service.

          Sales Lead: someone who has been identified as wanting to know more about your product,           has money to buy it and has actually asked for more information.

The function of marketing (the noun) is the gathering of information about who should (Suspects), could (Prospects) or would (Sales Lead) buy your product. When the word marketing is used as a verb, it suggests an action that is the same as another grammatically challenged word…advertising.

The word advertising can also be used as a noun or a verb.

It would be a mistake to do so.

The correct term is marcom (marketing communications). Advertising is one of several ways marcom can generate Sales Leads (would) from the Suspect (should) and Prospect (could) lists gathered by the marketing department.

Salesmen should only work with sales leads. Suspects (should) and Prospects (could) are the lists marcom uses to get the people (not companies) on that list to the level of Sales Lead (would).

Marketing is the ability to identify a possible customer and place that name in one of three buckets of information you will develop to help a sales person make a sale.

Those three buckets are:
       1.  Suspect
       2.  Prospect
       3.  Sales Lead

Your marketing plan is a mechanical function designed to increase sales by conserving valuable sales staff time and money.

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