Who is this guy?
The copy platform noted in the previous money chart button is the documentation of the promise of specific benefits if the prospect will buy your product.

It contains the heart of the information the prospect needs in order to make the decision to buy your product. You should be able to get it directly from your business plan. If not, you don't have a business plan.

The business plan should answer three key questions:

       Who are you?
       What are you selling?
       Why should anyone care?

I have several samples of business plan formats... the best is designed to get you ready for funding of your company. I’ll make it available at our first meeting.

Remember that you are creating a new entity which, in the eyes of the state and federal legal system, has rights and duties just as any human being. It’s like having a child. You must help grow and nurture this new entity so it can realize its maximum profitable potential.

Money is the nutrient.

Your business plan should never be considered done. Think of it as the central file of everything you know about your company and its customers. There is never one ideal format for your business plan. You should develop the outline based on the primary purpose you intend... in most cases it is to confirm that your company is making a profit and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Once you have your business plan to the stage where it contains information formally kept between your ears, you’re ready to share the information with the others who need that information in order to start selling something.

You’re now ready for the next button... Your Marketing Plan.

Get it in writing!