If you navigated here looking for this website’s table of contents, consider the difference between the non-linear aspects of websites and the linear aspects of any sales presentation... you’ll find that explanation in my book.

Here is the Table of Contents of the book:

Stage One: Who Are You?
Step 1   Select type of corporate structure
Step 2   Shareholders and number of shares
Step 3   Board of directors and operational officers
Step 4   Create advisory board
Step 5   Gather and edit bios, obtain current photos
Step 6   Establish corporate minutes book and confirm completion state and federal registration procedures
Step 7   Establish periodic meeting dates, differentiate between type of meeting, e.g. are they corporate or operational agenda items
Step 8   Select non-disclosure agreement (NDA) format and policies
Step 9   Meeting notes and followup agendas for all items

Stage Two: What Are You Selling?
Step 10   Select appropriate SIC code
Step 11   Determine list of ingredients of product line
Step 12   Determine suppliers of ingredients
Step 13   Determine intellectual property opportunities

Stage Three: How Will You Make What You Are Selling?
Step 14   Select manufacturing process
Step 15   Determine capitalization tables for manufacturing process

Stage Four: Who Will Buy What You Are Selling?
Step 16   Select primary and secondary target markets
Step 17   Select ancillary markets
Step 18   Establish sales organization
Step 19   Match distribution methods with sales organization decisions
Step 20   Develop marketing plan
Step 21   Develop marketing communications plan
Step 22   Finalize business plan and financial projections
Step 23   Get financing

    – Who is this guy and why should you listen to him
    – The 99:1 rule of life and other observations
    – Recommended resources
    – Notable websites and how to use them
    – How to contact me and what to expect