Who is this guy?
The 99:1 rule of life:

“Idiots and assholes* will make up 99% of the people you meet.

Find that 1% and keep them in your life.”

I was much more tolerant when younger... that ratio was 65/45.

At my age, time is not to be wasted. I judge quickly and act accordingly.

New clients get the first consultation at no cost. I’m looking for that select client who is very good at what they do. That select client will also realize that I am just as good at what I do and will listen when I tell them not to repeat the mistakes I have already made.

I’ve come across some really strange ideas during a recent five year period working as a SCORE counselor after the Small Business Administration sanctioned me as such. I mentored over 300 would-be entrepreneurs and advised most of them to keep their day job.

My work is strictly mechanical. My clients provide the mental challenge. At my level of experience, there is very little patience left for incompetent people.

If you have a great idea and the drive to make that idea a reality—with money being a residual benefit of that reality—you’re a candidate for my 1% Club. I’d be honored to join yours.

Here are the web sites of a few of mine:
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Scott Benson:
Mohammad Hoque:
Mark Simonson:

*My mother objected to this pejorative.

I mentioned a few names.

Objection rescinded!