You will need to take 23 steps

You should produce three plans…

… focused on sales. It's a war of words in your marketplace. The winner will be the company that can effectively communicate why their product or service is better than what others may offer... and then know how to close the sale.

I suggest you forget what you may have been taught on the subject of marketing and ignore the obfuscation most marketing experts use to get access to your operating budget. The marketing communications plan is the mechanical bridge between your business plan and your marketing plan. I’ll even help you decide whether the word “marketing” is a noun or a verb.

Your first meeting with me is free of any charge or obligation.

But first— you have to buy and read the book.

Special Offer:

If you've already developed any semblance of a business plan, I will trade you a free copy of the book for a copy of your business plan to review. I can sign an NDA if you prefer, BUT if you need an NDA with me… maybe we should meet first to create a level of trust that would preclude the need.

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I'll reply within a week with comments and suggestions that would open a mutually beneficial* dialogue.

*Mutually beneficial… giving you unbiased feedback and me an excuse to ignore any manual labor.